Attention TNY shoppers. We will be taking the store offline for 48 hours starting this evening darlings..

Written By Taysha Smith - February 23 2021


February 25 2021

Was that 48 hours already?

February 23 2021

Tay is never going to allow anyone to control her narrative. 😎

February 23 2021

Those Balmain boots are beautiful 😍

February 23 2021

Tay Tay you are so hardworking and creative 💗

February 23 2021

@Louis She is not putting her videos out on YouTube anymore. Tays videos are going to be released 100% on TAYsearch starting this spring. She makes more money on TAYsearch and she does not want to spread her energy across multiple platforms. Tay Tay is 100% focused on TAYsearch.

February 23 2021

Tay how do your teeth look so white when you wear red lips but mine look yellow? I just ordered expensive red from your brand and I hope my teeth 😬 look white.

February 23 2021

LV has tea bags? So cute cute 😍 💗

February 23 2021

TAYsearch is the beast from the East 😜

February 23 2021

No worries Tay Tay. We love you girlie. Take your time and so it right like you’ve been doing all these years.

February 23 2021

The fact that you are still able to grow and evolve during these uncertain times is truly inspiring.

February 23 2021

I placed an order yesterday and it always takes 3 days before I receive the tracking email. 💕💕💕,

Heather P
February 23 2021

This is so exciting 🥳🥳🥳

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