Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. Happy Money Monday

Written By Taysha Smith - April 26 2021


May 01 2021

Some people can dance but they are just not sexy. Like the little one that went off at the end. She can dance her ads off but she’s not sexy at all. Kind of trashy.

April 26 2021

Gotta tattoo my naaaame on it!

April 26 2021

I finally got my nailssss and I love them 😍. I also ordered a bunch of soaps and rose face mists.

April 26 2021

@Diamond Chris is her best friend periodT. If Tay loves you she is going to include you in everything she does. That’s just Tay 😍

April 26 2021

Not the VCP pedicure 😜 #legend

April 26 2021

Tay Tay I ordered $500 worth of spring cleaning supplies from your store and I love everything. 😎

April 26 2021

@Fernando She’s always had her own mind though. Most leaders do. 💕💕

April 26 2021

@Michelle Tay has a type: Tall, talented, and toxic 😂. J/k

April 26 2021

One thing about Tay she gone speak her heart randomly and whenever she feels like it. Lol

April 26 2021

I have that new Chris Brown and H.E.R song on repeat.

April 26 2021

Love people or leave them alone (self love) is great advice.

Heather P
April 26 2021

Ohhh 😮 chocolate 🍫

April 26 2021

The armchair psychiatrist on social media are annoying. Hell the entire psychology discipline is a a scam in my opinion lol

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