Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up? The limit does not exist.

Written By Taysha Smith - March 19 2021


Liz Beth
March 20 2021

How do we use the hello spring gift card you sent us this morning in our TAYemail? 💍💍

Heather P
March 20 2021

I need that tea towel in my life

March 20 2021

I can’t login to the blog to see all the new comments? Help! 😅

March 19 2021

@Samantha Not next on the docket lololol

March 19 2021

That is such a pretty red shoe 😻

March 19 2021

Folks are doing really bad out here Tay so the jealousy and envy is going to be turned up a few notches. Hurt people hurt people. But you are protected by the heavens so you are more than good. You did the work and that’s why you reap the rewards.

March 19 2021

People try to talk like her and act like her but don’t show love. Naw bitch we see you. And until you do right by Tay all your shit is going to fail from here on out. Next on the docket!

March 19 2021

Raises Hand 🙋‍♀️

March 19 2021

It’s hard for people to grasp her level of kindness and humility on top of the fact that she don’t play 😅 If Tay Tay say it consider it done.

March 19 2021

@Gweene And she bothers nobody. Tay be in her own world chillin. Just twirling through life with not a basic care in the world. These hoes are bothered by themselves. 😂

March 19 2021

People don’t even know how they are going to eat from week to week and they’re worried about Tay. 😭 Tragic

March 19 2021

I love this woman!

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