Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up! #SpringCleaning

Written By Taysha Smith - March 23 2021


March 24 2021

I really look up to you Taysha. You’re so real and so beautiful 🤩

March 24 2021

Taysha I saw you today at the apple store private event on Madison. You are so pretty. You don’t age and your balmain boots were so beautiful. I love your hair 😍😍😍

March 24 2021

All Saints is one of my favorite contemp brands. 🤍🕶

March 24 2021

@Bernadette Yeah. But street contemp is like Supreme (without Louis Vuitton) LV makes it lux/marquis

March 24 2021

Contemp is like Rag & Bone, Vince, and Helmut Lang right?

March 23 2021

Go head Christopher.🥳 Tay said his whole government 😂

March 23 2021

@Michelle it’s called mirroring. It’s something that manipulative people do to get on your good side. They study you then present you to you thinking that you will be impressed because you are in love with yourself. Don’t be mean to these people. Some people have such low self esteem that they think this manipulative behavior makes them strong and in control. Etha redirect them and move on or just be their friend from afar. No need to attack them or arm chair diagnose them.

March 23 2021

@Michelle Baby only people without money think money is everything. Tay gone make money with whoever she’s with because she’s blessed like that. She comes from a whole lot. But you can’t buy her. Trust me many have tried and failed miserably 😂

March 23 2021

@Krys Tay can see you coming from a mile away and she will sweetly turn you down if you try to come with some liar energy. You can’t fool her that’s why most of these ninjas are scared to approach. She see’s them for who they are not what they say they are but who they actually are. Tay Tay is highly favored. You fuck her over your whole world will crumble. Come correct or don’t come at all. Who would hurt an angel though?

March 23 2021

Tay is surrounded by high earning but low vibe men. That’s the nature of money. Some people with it are high vibe but most are low vibe and usually lose it all to low vibe shit. If she wanted to marry for money she would be married to a multi billionaire because she has access to many of them that are in love with her. But she don’t pay them no mind. She is not desperate at all just sweet. She won’t knowingly share her man with anybody. And ninjas know that.

March 23 2021

@Michelle Tay would never share her man with any woman. It’s only her or it’s nothing but friends. She’s always been like that though. Tay Tay will smile right in ya face and cut you clean out of her life with no warning no drama like you never existed.

March 23 2021

That grilled cheese tomato soup taste so good Tay. I ordered 2 cases this morning

March 23 2021

Oh la la I can’t wait for your feedback on this brand.

Heather P
March 23 2021

Flashback is my song off that album 💿

March 23 2021

That’s Chris Brown? He looks goodT

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