Buenos Dias BeauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up? #WealthcareWeds

Written By Taysha Smith - November 03 2021


November 04 2021

@Samantha She’s extremely down to earth and she’s always been like that. Everyone loves Tay even her so called haters lol 😂. And she’s mad funny 😆 always popping shit having fun.

November 03 2021

Will you be dropping lip liners anytime soon?

November 03 2021

@Tay you are wild af! I’m happy you got it back so you can move around freely. Gas up the private jet 🛩. Tay Tay is about to be outsiiiiiide for real in 2022. 😂

November 03 2021

@Kimble I just ordered a new passport 🤪🥊 I’m waiting for it to come in the mail. I’m back babyyyyyyyy 💨💨💨

November 03 2021

I love my lock earrings in gold so much that I had to order a pair in white gold as well.

November 03 2021

Tay Tay how are the Maths going? I wish you perfect grades my love.

November 03 2021

@Diamond Actually the two words that describe Tay best are smart and sweet. She’s extremely smart and genuinely sweet. Not fake sweet. There’s a difference.

November 03 2021

This post was good good 😊

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