Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s Christmas Eveeeee

Written By Taysha Smith - December 24 2021


December 25 2021

@Val Tay just likes taking pictures and showing you brands you should be investing in. Don’t over think it! You don’t like them leave. You like, then stay. It’s that simple.

December 25 2021

Tay you are mutha of all this luxury stuff. I love the way you uplift all the girls and boys who love the best in everything. The fact that you are so sweet and down to earth is mind blowing. Do you pray and meditate daily?

Heather P
December 25 2021

I never noticed how cute Lanvin’s logo is 😍

December 25 2021

@Margo I think maybe if you stop judging people you don’t know so harshly life will will start flowing for you again. You don’t have to have these people in your life but you don’t have to judge them Etha. Set the boundaries and keep it moving. People have the right to be losers just like they have the right to be winners. Just a thought 💭 Merry Christmas lovie 😘😇

December 24 2021

@Nadia Was it St Vincent’s on the Upper East Side? If so then you probably did see Tay. She donates her time there this time of year 🎄🎄

December 24 2021

Merry Christmas Eve Tay Tay! 🥰

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