Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s Domingo! Who’s getting their pelo done at the Dominican Salon? #DominicanDoobie

Written By Taysha Smith - September 12 2021


September 14 2021

I ordered four of your lip balms and I love them.

September 14 2021

@Flora Tay makes the ordinary extraordinary. And she’s the best at doing just that. I can tell when she’s involved with a project without her mentioning it.

September 13 2021

I finally listened to CLB. I liked it a lot!!!

September 13 2021

Tay you are literally a Disney princess but a bad ass princess 😎 Your voice is so pretty.

September 13 2021

It’s the voice for me 🎶🎶🎶 Your voice puts me in a trance lol

September 13 2021

@Kimble Exactly! Tay is just being her magical bougie down to earth princess self. Those other people are clearly pretending and that shit it annoying. Be yourself.

September 13 2021

@Bonnie Breakfast at Tiffany’s is her favorite movie and Tiffany has been one of her favorite brands for years. Girl bye. YOU just got here. Late and wrong 😑

September 13 2021

@Liz People try to copy her energy but fail miserably. Tay is one of one. 🤗

September 13 2021

You have the most beautiful voice ever. I can only imagine what you sound like in full voice 🤩. You are so talented and magical 🥰🥰🥰

September 13 2021

@Sam Tay has beautiful eyes. She has worn lenses before but her natural eyes are even more beautiful than the lenses. The woman is naturally beautiful 🤩 . Her skin, hair, eyes, body, smile, mind and soul. All beautiful. People that try to pick her apart are just jealous because she’s naturally so dope.

September 13 2021

I need to step my home decor game up!

September 13 2021

@Morgan Tay has had her own jewelry line for over a decade. Creativity oozes from her heart space. And she makes money from everything because she’s a money magnet 🧲

September 12 2021

@Simone Tay is Indian from Mauritius and American black on her moms side. Her Dad and is Indigenous Indian Cuban and Dominican. She speaks fluent Spanish btw. Tay looks exotic. She could easily pass for Fijian or Sri Lakin.

September 12 2021

Tay I saw you at Bergdorf’s in the shoe department and you are beautiful. All that hair my GOD so beautiful 😻 Your Pucci fit was gorgeous!!!! Was it vintage?

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