Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s FeetFashion Friday! What Chall Wearing ? :) #NOCTA #HOTSTEPS

Written By Taysha Smith - February 18 2022


February 19 2022

Tay I was on instagram and I saw you in the MoMa stories. I knew it was you from the hot steps, the hair, the nails and the bag. Hahaha. And let’s not forget the music 🎶😎. You are such a cool girl. The epitome of NYC coolness. You all are so confident in everything.

February 18 2022

I’m in love with your style Tay! You are so good with product angles 😍😍😍

February 18 2022

@Violet That bag is 100% python 🐍 from her brand. My daughter has two of them.

February 18 2022

Pink sweats is wild af with that fit but the song is amazing.

February 18 2022

Tay Tay what do you think of Nensi Dojaka’s namesake label?

February 18 2022

@Liz When you see those big black suburbans lined up you know Tay Tay is outside. 🙃

February 18 2022

Aubrey better drop those hot steps soon because I need them for my vacation in May. 😃

February 18 2022

That store window needs a little windex haha

February 18 2022

That bacon 🥓 looks so good!

February 18 2022

You are so magical and mysterious. I just love your entire vibe 💫✨

February 18 2022

Tay Tay you are gorgeous my love 😍

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