Buenos Dias BeauTAYful TAYsearchers! It’s fragrance Friday so let’s stay inside and clean. #thelaundress

Written By Taysha Smith - July 30 2021


July 30 2021

Tay so you basically want your own bougie laundromat lol

July 30 2021

@Gloria Tay builds everything from her heart space not from her head. As smart as she is she actually listens to her heart above everything. This is why everything she touches turns to goal. She’s very watery and fiery with a sprinkle of earth and air.

July 30 2021

@Jenes Whatever she drops next for TAYsearch is going to be amazing like everything she does. 😍 There is no one in her age group or gender in her lane, so she is never in competition with any hoes. Those hoes are in competition by themselves because Tay Tay pays them in dust. Bwhahaha . Her energy does not lie. She knows her worth and she knows these girls are idiots lol. That’s why she blocks them with ease and just stays focused on her stuff.

July 30 2021

@Jenes I honestly think Tay is going to starve these copycat hoes. They ran out of ideas and she’s giving them crumbs at this point lolol. TAYsearch TV had been ready she just hasn’t dropped it yet because she knows they study her and pretend their ideas came to them in a dream. I love TAY 😆 She’s literally mutha of all this that’s going on right now on the internet’s.

July 30 2021

Tay you are so pretty in person! I saw you in Tom Ford on Madison and you are gorgeous. Very exotic in your beauty.

July 30 2021

@Violet This is why Tay’s energy is so addictive. She is literally the drug. 😩

July 30 2021

Hedonist spend their life maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. If that doesn’t describe Tay I don’t know what does haha 😂 It might be “wrong” but she does not give a shit.

July 30 2021

@Olivia I agree. Tay is the epitome of healthy hedonist lolol. When people think hedonism they think reckless and self harming. We find these characters so compelling because they seem to reject the sensible, responsible way to live. They indulge their carnal appetites in ways we daren’t, with scant regard for consequences. We wait for their liver to rebel or their life to come crashing down around them, as of course it must.

But this kind of behaviour is better termed debauchery – extreme indulgence in bodily pleasures and especially sexual pleasures – rather than hedonism.

Hedonism has its philosophical roots as far back as Plato and Socrates, but ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus is often credited with articulating an early brand of hedonism based not on a life of untamed appetites, but on moderate pleasures and respect for others. Like Tay.

Today there are multiple views on what hedonism is. This is largely due to some highly nuanced philosophical arguments about how we should conceptualise pleasure.

July 30 2021

@Sheryl I think Tay is more hedonistic than materialistic. But that’s just my opinion. I love her regardless lol

July 30 2021

OMG now that would be some laundry room 🥵

July 30 2021

Happy Friday Tay Tay ✨✨✨

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