Buenos Dias BeauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s Money Monday. I’m Up! Ya’ll Up? :D

Written By Taysha Smith - April 04 2022


April 06 2022

Tay Tay I love your vibe and your style.

April 05 2022

The matte black Tesla truck would be everything!!! That is so you 😎

April 05 2022

@Kimble I want Tay with Aubrey. That’s a vibe. They literally need each other l. I love them together. Best friends till the end kinda vibes😍😍

April 05 2022

@Samantha Tay looks 28, 29. 32 tops. She does not look her age at all and she’s all natural. Her bone structure is next level. Tay Tay is skin and body goals.

April 05 2022

@Misty those city girls work hard to afford that lifestyle. You better be ready to work hard if you want to play hard in Manhattan.

April 05 2022

My dream is to work and live in Manhattan 😻

April 05 2022

@Katie I need to start investing in designer jeans and designer blazers. That look is very Manhattan chic. Those women are effortless with their style.

April 05 2022

I’m 29 as well. She looks amazing 😻 . I love your search engine Tay Tay.

April 05 2022

Great post as usual 🤩

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