Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s Self-Care Saturday! #Relaaaaaax

Written By Taysha Smith - November 27 2021


November 27 2021

Happy Holidays Tay Tay. Put your perfectly polished feet up and enjoy it!

November 27 2021

@Simone Nah Aubrey is Tay’s type. How are you going to be mad at someone else’s type haha. Weirdo shit. People like who they like.

November 27 2021

Tay you are such a beautiful woman. And your body is snatched! I love how your naturally stunning but you don’t obsess over your looks, you go easy on yourself!

November 27 2021

@Tay well said. The need to control others against their will is what has everything all messed up in the world.If people respect you they will rock with you.

November 27 2021

There is a piece of truth (and many lies) in everything. Just live your life and respect others living their lives. Believe and go towards what brings you peace. You can’t have light without dark so being afraid of anything is just dumb. Live in the moment and go towards what you feel is right. If it’s not for you set the boundaries and go towards what’s for you. And remember you don’t control anyone but yourself. Love yourself. Love each other. Love always wins.😘😇

November 27 2021

@Nadia Most of these so called spiritual people are gossiping and hustling. They are being fed info by people trying to control the narrative. Take all that shit with a grain of salt. It’s no different than watching a tv show. Only believe in yourself and your creator. People with real spiritual gifts from GOD do not announce it they just live it.

November 27 2021

@Paige My order came in two days 🤗

November 27 2021

@Diamond Magic is fake. It only works if both the sender and receiver believe in it. Tay is not a witch. She’s way more powerful than any witch lol. She does not do witchcraft, voodoo, tarot, none of that. She just understands it all and allows people to believe in whatever they choose to believe in peace. Can’t none of that man made bullshit touch her. Tay Tay is on a whole other level spiritually. Pretty much an angel I’m human form.

November 27 2021

@Janet Tay is successful because she pulls from her own life she doesn’t look at others and try to copy them. Tay Tay is authentically herself. And she’s light years ahead of any of your favorites who are all stuck in ruts pretending to be in leadership. Tay is the epitome of Aries and Scorpio energy. Not a psychic alive can read her because her energy is protected. You have to really be in the know to understand how valuable she is on all levels. Everything she wants she gets. It’s been that way her whole life.

November 27 2021

You have the best taste in everything.

November 27 2021

@Patricia Just break your goal down into smaller pieces because it seems as if focusing on the end game is overwhelming you. 😘😇

November 27 2021

@Liz Tay only wears real leather she doesn’t wear faux leather because it’s faux and it’s not sustainable.

November 27 2021

Tay I ordered like $3,000 worth of tape in bundles from your store. My shit is about to be heavy lolol.

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