Buenos Dias BeauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s Skincare Sunday and we outsiiiiiide #NantucketStyle

Written By Taysha Smith - October 17 2021


October 18 2021

@Kimble Exactly. Tay adores Aubrey. She’s never leaving him so people are just going to have to be mad. Lol 😂

October 18 2021

@Cameron I told you Tay can dance her ass off. 😍. That dance workout was intense. It was the loud laughing for me lolol.

Heather P
October 18 2021

@Pamela honestly Beyonce and nicki should focus on beauty as well. There is no such thing as too much lipstick or weave lol. Beauty is limitless.

October 18 2021

@Melissa Like Tay said, if Rhi wants to be a real billionaire she needs to stick to fenty beauty and leave the cheap panties alone. Beauty is sustainable , cheap draws are not. She needs to refocus.

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