Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s Wealthcare Wednesday #ChristmasEdition

Written By Taysha Smith - December 22 2021


December 23 2021

@Paige I’m doing really well actually because of the field I’m in. 🤩

December 22 2021

That green votive is everything

December 22 2021

You really take your time with everything. I just love your approach to life! I’ve never come across anyone so unbothered and so comfortable in their skin. Merry Christmas Tay Tay!

December 22 2021

Your nail color is in que for my January TAYsearch nails 💅 . I opted for a full set with all ten nails programmed.

December 22 2021

Tay I bought 20 of your expensive red lipglosses and gave them out as gifts. Everyone loved them 😍

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