Buenos Dias beauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s Wealthcare Wednesday. #GoodInvestments

Written By Taysha Smith - October 13 2021


October 15 2021

@Lisa Tay is in Dallas for her genetics database for the search engine. She will be back on Monday. You know TAYSHA means Texas and it also means ally or friend in caddo Native American. I’m from turtle creek and Tay has been doing business in Texas since 04. 🤩

October 15 2021

I see that Marvis toothpaste ha!

October 15 2021

Not the matching set 😝

October 15 2021

@Shelly not the tax refund 🤪🥊

October 15 2021

Tay imma build you that house as soon as my tax refund hits in February haha 😂

October 15 2021

Tay Tay when does the black baguette on GOD cross drop?

October 15 2021

It’s still the bubblegum cigarettes 🚬 for me lolol.

October 14 2021

I love this entire post. 🥰

October 13 2021

@Camellia Tay can look at anything and make it magical. She’s the epitome of gifted. Her light is so bright and it’s authentic to her.

October 13 2021

Tay when you put croc 🐊 as the sole of the shoe the world stopped for $8,000 shoes. Your creativity and effortless mystery makes you fucking living legend. Everything you touch turns to gold. I can’t wait until the new search engine app drops. That shit is gone be out of this world.

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