Buenos Dias BeauTAYful TAYsearchers. It’s Wealthcare Wednesday. I’m up! Ya’ll up?

Written By Taysha Smith - September 15 2021


September 16 2021

@Cathrine I actually loved CLB. The entire album gave exactly what it was supposed to give. It’s about context.

September 16 2021

@Raquel I think she already passed the beauty torch. Tay is light years ahead . This is why she’s so happy and peaceful. She’s running her own race. 💨💨💨

September 16 2021

When you find the rhyme for TAYsearch you are definitely going to win a Nobel prize!!!

September 16 2021

@Liz She’s making search beauTAYful from the inside out. Like her 🥰🥰🥰.

September 16 2021

@Nadia Right! She’s bring that same energy she brought to beauty/retail to search and I’m here for it 🤗 .Everyone that matters supports Tay Tay. As they should, because she’s amazing at what she does.

September 16 2021

Not the YSL ear pods 😍

September 16 2021

@Raquel She tells people exactly what to do and they still can’t do it. 😅. Nobody can sell a three or four figure mascara but Tay. It’s her energy because it’s authentic to her. She is the datum mascara. 😂.

September 16 2021

Tay! Who are you going to pass your beauty torch to? I see your work in lots of brands but nobody is brave enough or bold enough to push the limits like you do 🤩. You broke the ceiling with your beauty offerings and created a whole new lane with your price points, that other people are now becoming comfortable in.

September 16 2021

@Courtney Tay wears leather all year round 😍

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