CiTAY Girls love City Beauty.. #MoneyMonday

Written By Taysha Smith - January 18 2021


January 19 2021

Tay when are you posting new YouTube videos? Is it still February? I don’t want to miss it 😻😻😻

January 18 2021

Tay is a powerful woman but she’s quiet about it. I love that. Small ego big bank.

January 18 2021

When does the hydromask drop? 🤩

January 18 2021

That dark spot corrector is my holy grail 😍😍

January 18 2021

I am so proud of you Tay Tay 💖

January 18 2021

@Olivia whatever Tay can’t do in search her future heirs will do. 💁🏽 This is a relay race not a sprint. Her future children will be taught to takeover where she left off. Family business.

January 18 2021

@Olivia I know she will do really well in general search because her family has been in search since 91. Tay is taking it from btob btoc . Tuff but she’s in too deep to turn back now haha.

January 18 2021

I hope you do as well in search. Search is a harder and bigger business but I know you can slay the same way you slayed in the beauty business. I love your style. Quiet storm.

January 18 2021

I remember this lip plumper. It sold a million tubes out the gate.

January 18 2021

Yessss Tay Tay. You are my hero. When my bath brand drops Im dropping with you. These girls want to be famous not wealthy. They are not humble enough. Too much ego. This is why you are the queen and they are already washed up after only a few seasons in the business. 🤷🏻

January 18 2021

None of your new favorites sell more beauty than Tay. This is 100% fact not 15% fiction. Tay has be consistent for almost two decades.

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