Did you TAYsearch 6.0 on the go today? Of course you did and we thank you. #womeninSTEM

Written By Taysha Smith - May 07 2021


May 08 2021

@Kathy You are so right. Her energy is loving and very sweet but it’s INTENSE. Scary in a good way. 🤩 I had a face full of pimples a year ago and now my skin is all clear after following Tay. My entire skin regimen budget is only about $150 a month, but I buy it all from Tay because she’s the best. I like how she has her namesake brands and other people’s brands so we have choices based on our personal budget. 🤗

May 08 2021

Tay Tay I can totally tell you have Pisces in your 5th house. So dreamy and so loving. Thank GOD it’s in your 5th house because you would be an unbalanced mess if it wasn’t.😂. You can literally speak to a person’s heart. Like you give the devil a halo 😇 and you mean it. Your ability to pull the good out of people is unmatched. I know people hate and love you deeply at the same time. They have 2. It’s like they have no choice. 😻😻😻. You have a supportive supporter in me for life Tay. Whatever you create, I’m consuming it. #TeamTAY

May 08 2021

@Madison Sure darling. I will do it when I do the rosebud woman feminine hygiene post. 😘😇. Until then drink your celery juice daily and reeeeeelaaaaax. You’re ok 🥰

May 07 2021

Tay can you do a post on PORTABLE VAGINAL STEAM SPA’S? ♥️♥️

May 07 2021

I ordered a few of your BAP clear lip glosses with the mint. I love them. The formula is so glossy.

May 07 2021

@Gweynth If people knew how much Tay doesn’t care about what people call her they would be butt hurt 😂.. She’s too smart and too strong to care. Name calling and slander don’t work on her at all because they still buy,watch, and search in secret. Not only are they weak but they are cowards too. Tay will walk right up to you and be like what’s up I heard you were looking for me 🤪. I love her energy. She knows people are fucked up out here and desperate. Desperate people that are damaged just want attention or someone to put them out of their misery.

May 07 2021

I ordered a rug and bathroom towels from her store and everything is so nice. 😍

May 07 2021

Anytime a woman is brilliant and powerful society tries to downgrade her and call her a witch haha 😂. Tay is just a genius. No magic needed. She is magic. I love her pretty little nerdy self 🤩. She can marry, date, or be friends with whoever she wants. We will always support her 💯 percent.

May 07 2021

If anything Tay is giving more angelic human vibes. I’ve met her in person. Her energy is calming yet intense. I was sweating 😅 One things for certain she is a genius.

May 07 2021

The only thing that can save you from the devil is a GODess. The GODess is the only think the punk ass Devil is scared of. Hahaha.

May 07 2021

@Amber people are not confused about what Tay does. She owns and operates a general search engine. What’s confusing about that? What they are confused about is why they can’t control her. Why they can’t be her without doing the work she has done and continues to do. That’s their only confusions. People need to get over themselves, be merry, and just TAYsearch as Tay would say hahaha 😄. Tay is loved around the world. She’s a quiet storm. I think it’s fascinating.

May 07 2021

@Arnes Tay is not on a diet she just eats better and is active. Tay Tay is not obsessed with looks. It’s about health for her. You must be new here. Welcome.

May 07 2021

It’s the LV gym sneakers for me lol 😂

Heather P
May 07 2021

This is literally me everyday checking my TAYemail and shopping in your store haha. TAYsearch is too sweet.

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