Driver! The Hazelton Please.. #Autumn2021 #Staycation #Toronto

Written By Taysha Smith - August 13 2021


August 13 2021

I have learned so much since I started following you. You’re like a bright ball of light. Thank you for helping me find my way. My goal is to become a clinal lab scientist by age 47. I have 3years left in my program.

August 13 2021

@Courtney Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty using math, statistics, and financial theory. They also help businesses and clients develop policies to minimize the cost of those risks. Actuaries are essential to the insurance industry and must be experts in advanced statistics and modeling software, mathematics, and business. 🤓 Most high paid , high ranked math majors are actuaries.

August 13 2021

@Jenes Yeah. Her singing and her speaking-voice are both beautiful.

August 13 2021

Tay! Your voice is beautiful. 😱

August 13 2021

@Elizabeth You won’t see too many job postings for theoretical mathematicians, but where the field of study becomes especially valuable is in a graduate’s ability to apply mathematical concepts to solve any problem they put their mind to, And Tay is not looking for a job with her education. She’s trying to find the rhyme for her search engine. It’s not her fault that people are too dumb to understand that. 😂 Tay Tay is one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever come across. I’ve been following her work for years so I’m used to her style.

August 13 2021

Celine clogs? 💕💕💕💕 This hotel is beautiful 😻

August 13 2021

@Simine Tay is like a cat. There is no need to try and control her. Just be sweet and cool and she will stay by your side. Trying to control her is pointless and unnecessary. Cats are very loyal but they like to roam free and do their own thing. That’s why I said she has cat woman vibes lol

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