Eric Benet & Tamia - Spend My Life With You (LIVE at HOME)

Written By Taysha Smith - November 27 2020

December 02 2020

Taysha your voice is beautiful. I can’t believe you sang that from your bed on your iphone. 🤯. When is the Christmas album dropping? 2021? Will you have a live orchestra? If so, I want to audition for strings.

December 01 2020

Nothing like a great friend ❤️

November 28 2020

Tamia and Deb can sang 🤩

Heather P
November 28 2020

@Shelly She does but with more edge. Tay is sweet but wild 😜

November 28 2020

Tay you kind of remind me of Tamia 😍

November 28 2020

Tamia and Grant Hill are couple goals.

Georgia F
November 28 2020

They are all aging like fine wine 🍷

November 28 2020

Great post love 💘

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