Fragrance Friday = A Good Friday.

Written By Taysha Smith - April 02 2021


April 03 2021

@Diamond She designed all that jewelry. Tay Tay has had her own jewelry lines for years. She launched it at Henri Bendel in 07. You missed it. HB is closed now but she been that it girl. 🗽. People copy her not the other way around.

April 03 2021

Catholicism is so spiritual and magical. I’ve always been intrigued by all the rituals etc.

April 02 2021

I need to check my TAYemail so I can read up on Theranos. It’s the pregnancy for me 😫

April 02 2021

It’s the on GOD cross for me . Tay Tay you have the best taste.

April 02 2021

I ordered the rosary and the criss cross as soon as you posted it!

April 02 2021

Garden roses from Wholefoods it is! 💕

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