From one strong feminine woman to another... #foodforthought

Written By Taysha Smith - January 26 2021


January 27 2021

When does Tay drop her new books? Did I miss the release dates?

January 27 2021

I just heard that Drakes album is dropping in April. Tay the entire month of April is your birthday 🎂. What a great gift for you ❤

January 26 2021

Tay you influence millions without being and "influencer " ☺

January 26 2021

I work from home and I love it. I enjoy being at home with my children and husband. 🥰🥰

January 26 2021

This is my song 🎵

January 26 2021

I notice that a-lot of unbalanced women are extremely masculine and it’s not cute at all. They hold themselves to manly standards instead of standing in their womanly power. Tell em Tay! You can be strong and feminine at the same time. I love being a strong woman. 💪

January 26 2021

@Victoria which plants did you order? Send me a tayemail with pictures when you get a chance. 😃

January 26 2021

Team AubTay haha 🥰

January 26 2021

Tay I got my order today and I love my plants 🌱

Heather P
January 26 2021

I love this 😍

January 26 2021

This is so true!

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