Happy Skincare Sunday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up?

Written By Taysha Smith - May 23 2021


May 23 2021

@Raquel Yeah but like Tay said. Aubrey has always been attractive. He was cute as a baby. Adorable as a teenager. And fine now. When was he ever ugly? Never. 🤩 He’s just nerdy, like Tay 🤪. Still fine as hell though. They both are.

May 23 2021

@Lydia Exactly. Tay does not put people against each other. It doesn’t make her feel good or powerful when people fight over her. It actually makes her sad. She genuinely wants everyone to be happy. My boo has always been sweet. This is nothing new. 🙃

May 23 2021

Mas de la una is my song 😻

May 23 2021

@Ebony Tay don’t need a click. She has a family that protects her and Tay will drag you out your boots herself. By herself if you cross the line. Legendary energy. Tay Tay is one of one. Perfect mix of sweet & spice.

May 23 2021

NYC women dress the best. That’s not up for debate.

Heather P
May 23 2021

Like Tay Tay says, nobody is perfect. You’re not supposed to be. 🥰

May 23 2021

Who styled this video? I love it 😻

May 23 2021

Gentle Monster is a sunglasses brand? So cute 🥰

May 23 2021

Great post!

May 23 2021

I can just imagine you power walking in your little Loewe’s ♥️

May 23 2021

Tay can you drop the link to your heart waffle maker? 🤩

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