Happy Feet Fashion Friday beauTAYful TAYsearchers!

Written By Taysha Smith - September 24 2021


September 25 2021

@Paige Tay stays on some outer space mind blowing shit! I love her style.

September 25 2021

I just tried the label lovers database and it’s so fucking fire Tay Tay. How do you come up with this stuff!!!! 🤗

Heather P
September 25 2021

@Shannon Tay is a member of the Met and has been for almost twenty years. That book is based on the Opera that will be performed on opening night at the Met Opera. Tay Tay has a pedigree. She’s down to earth but she has class and it shows.

September 24 2021

Balmain makes shampoo & conditioner? Now that’s bougie af lol 😂

September 24 2021

@Nadia Tay has marble colored eyes. She has worn lenses in the past to correct her eyes but her natural eyes are unique and beautiful. Hands down she’s a stunning woman. And she’s not obsessed with her looks at all. Most indigenous people are very beautiful 😻

September 24 2021

@Isis Nah Tay is the epitome of loving. If she shows love it’s real and for no reason other than showing love. She creates everything from her heart not her head. I know that sounds weird because she’s so intellectually advanced. But Tay Tay is pure love and passion. And this is why people become obsessed both negatively and positively.

Norma J
September 24 2021

Tay which Balmain shampoo and conditioner do you use?

September 24 2021

Tay please bless us with a few OOTD’s. You have the best taste in everything.

September 24 2021

@Cynthia Tay is not a hater and she’s not looking for people to worship her. You can speak your peace here as long as you’re not slanderous.

September 24 2021

My favorite look from the Met was Jlo

September 24 2021

@Gweene Most people are puppets though so she fits right in. Ole fake woke ass. Her time has come and gone. Out with the old n used up and in with new new. My favorite look was Iman as well.

September 24 2021

AmbHelena is so cute 🧚🏾‍♂️ Rhi is not the queen of anything but phony. She’s not fashion she’s a puppet and it shows.

September 24 2021

@Flora Tay don’t care about nothing but what she cares about. Can’t no outside influences cloud her vision. If you try you will be blocked and paid in dust lolol. She’s not reckless regardless of what it appears to be.

September 24 2021

I love your style 🤗

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