Happy Fragrance Friday! Kiss Me In The Garden.

Written By Taysha Smith - March 26 2021


March 27 2021

@Elizabeth I imagine her home smells like fresh laundry, baked bread, and roses. I just love her.

March 27 2021

I have the linen spray and it’s time to restock. Tay it’s like you always know when to drop a restock right when I need it haha.

March 27 2021

Those slides are sold out everywhere 😫

March 27 2021

Go heavy are the candles from kiss me in the garden? I need to order 12 for my sisters baby shower.

Heather P
March 27 2021

Do they sell waterproof socks? I love Icewear btw. I ordered my toddler a few pairs of rain paints from them.

March 26 2021

I know your house smells amazing! 😀

March 26 2021

That raincoat is in my cart. I love the high low detail. Will TNY stock it in red?

March 26 2021

Yes! KMIG is back!!!

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