Happy Money Monday BeauTAYful TAYsearchers.

Written By Taysha Smith - June 07 2021


June 07 2021

@Victoria if you login you can click private and your comments will only show to people that are logged in.

June 07 2021

@Samantha Olivia P dropped some new Lux lipsticks. Check your TAYemail for the details.

June 07 2021

@Kimble Most if not all celebrity beauty brands fall into the value and the prestige category. They don’t have the pedigree or the fan base for Lux or Super Lux.

June 07 2021

@Norma Beauty comes in categories. Value, Prestige, Lux, and Super Lux. Tay invented the Super Lux category almost two decades ago. Tay Tay is a fucking legend lol.

June 07 2021

I love your style 😍

June 07 2021

Online is here to stay. People are outside but they are still shopping online.

June 07 2021

It’s the business instinct for me!

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