Happy Money Monday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. I goooot looove on my miiiiind. :)

Written By Taysha Smith - May 10 2021


May 11 2021

They can’t do anything until she does it first. Tay is MUTHA and that is that. Not auntie, not friend but MUTHA of this new generation and I’m here for it.😍

May 11 2021

@Kimble Tay gone eat these bitches up like free lunch. Tragic but the desperate do desperate things ya know. As Tay would say “these hoes are unhinged and boring at this point” 🥳🥳🥳 All they do is lie instead of working for what it is they want. Do the work mind body and soul if they want the results. Did you buy the new lipstick Tay dropped? I love it!!

May 11 2021

Don’t forget about the new formulas of your namesake skincare line! We can’t wait to try the new custom formulas from that woman owned cosmetics lab you use!!! You are the best Tay. I just love your style. ♥️

May 11 2021

Those tea towels are the best. I think I have all of them in my collection.

May 10 2021

Three new books 📚 Yes 👏

May 10 2021

Great post 😇

May 10 2021

You are so funny 🤣 I am actually laughing out loud 😅

May 10 2021

I love that motto haha 😂

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