Happy Money Monday BeauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up? #FoodFashion

Written By Taysha Smith - July 05 2021


July 05 2021

Only Tay can get me excited about storage containers! Lol

July 05 2021

I love your nailsss! What’s the name of that style do I can add it to my TAYsearch nail subscription cue.

July 05 2021

The white bottle of method dish soap smells so good. And it’s plant based!

July 05 2021

@Wenny I mean she follows Drake of course but she doesn’t see him as Drake. She see’s Aubrey and Aubrey so much more than Drake. That’s why it says Aubrey Graham on his BWFH fragrance offerings and not Drake. Drake is cool but Aubrey is amazing.

July 05 2021

@Jenes I know 😂 She doesn’t even follow celebrities. That’s telling in its self. Clearly she doesn’t care. If it’s not fashion, music or intellectual she could careless. That’s the nerdy side. Is she dropping expensive red in a matte lipstick bullet? I really love that color.

July 05 2021

@Wenny People study Tay and try to copy her. She’s your favorites favorite. Don’t fool yourself to think Tay would copy anyone when she’s already done everything they are trying to do. That Scorpio in her 2nd house makes her very mysterious but her work speaks for itself. Everything she does she’s excellent at. If her copycats had half her talent they wouldn’t be as disposable as they are. And let’s not talk about her singing voice. Tay Tay can sing circles around all your current favorites. Jealousy won’t change the fact that she’s gifted in several areas and she uses all her talents to sell her shit.

July 05 2021

I need everything in this post! 😩

July 05 2021

Chanel dish soap would be fantastic 🥰

July 05 2021

@Simone Tay is private by nature. She’s nerdy and introverted but she’s very sweet and the life of the party once you get to know her. She does her thing and minds her business. And she’s fly af. Fashion, beauty, jewelry, food, home decor all that, she’s top notch. People been fighting to get her attention for years and when they don’t they slander. But Tay Tay don’t give af because she’s too busy living her life that she deserves. No one is kinder or warmer than Tay. I love how she creates and owns all her own things. So inspiring.

July 05 2021


July 05 2021

@Bernadette One thing about Tay she doesn’t just talk about the it, she does it! I remember when her store and search engine were just a dream. Look at her now, and she’s no where near done. 😍😍. I always wonder what drives her because she’s done so much to be so young.

July 05 2021

@Iyana A lot of people try to talk like Tay and steal her vibe but they fail miserably. She’s too unique. They want more transparency so they can stalk and copy. Tay ain’t giving nothing but a glimpse. That’s her mysterious style and she doesn’t care who has an issue with it.

July 05 2021

This is a true blog. You just casually post about what’s caught your eye on one day and your emotions the next. I love your style. So refreshing and unique.

July 05 2021

@Sarah Tay does everything designer yet simple. She’s very old money regal but fun 🤩. If you like the best of everything, you’ll love it here.

July 05 2021

Great post! Method is no Lavant. 😌

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