Happy Money Monday BeauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up?

Written By Taysha Smith - October 25 2021


October 26 2021

@Violet The skincare is about the lab not her. She’s supporting the lab because it’s woman owned. Skincare is a side hustle. It’s lucrative but TAYsearch is Tay’s main business. That’s what she’s built slowly brick by brick.

October 26 2021

@Wuintin Tay will force you to love yourself. You literally don’t have a choice once you enter her domain 😂

October 26 2021

@Samantha Tay is an Aries on the cusp of Taurus. Her birthday is April.

October 26 2021

@Violet Tay does not care lol. If she feels a certain way she’s going to say something. She’s extremely confident and her self esteem is very high, that’s why she shares her energy with us so freely. My confidence is so much higher now that I’m a a fan of hers. And you can tell she’s genuine and always comes from a loving place even when she’s telling you off haha 😂

October 26 2021

@Cami Drake is def her type. If you really knew her you would know that. Tay is not a gym rat. She actually hates working out lol. It’s the results that she loves not the actual gym.

October 26 2021

Tay Tay don’t play about Aubrey. I knew you were going to say something. But you’re right. You don’t shame surgery but you don’t condone it or encourage it and I love that. You’ve always been team natural perfectly imperfect.

October 26 2021

All these fake superficial people make people hate themselves. This is why I don’t use social media because it’s ridiculously phony.

October 26 2021

@Unis you can text TAYsearch for up to the minute weather updates. If your state has a state of emergency that rams only essential workers should be on the road. Fashion is not essential 😂

October 25 2021

What brand is that belt?

October 25 2021

If I order coffee from your store today will I have it by this weekend? I live in Minnesota.

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