Happy Self Care Saturday Darlingsss. Breathe. Everything is better than ok.

Written By Taysha Smith - March 27 2021


March 27 2021

I love how bougie but down to earth you are. Not boring or pretentious which I hate. You have access to so much but you meet people where they are. Never change Tay. You are truly one or one.

March 27 2021

Square nails are so 90’s. I love them 😍 . The long almond nails with the abstract Japanese design is everywhere Tay. Just like you said they would be.

Heather P
March 27 2021

You make search so cool Tay. I know it’s all hard work but you make it all look effortless. I have not used google search in almost 3 years.

March 27 2021

Clay face mask and cinnamon buns sounds like a party to me🥳

March 27 2021

This entire post is in my cart😂

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