Happy self care Saturday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up?

Written By Taysha Smith - March 13 2021


March 13 2021

@Gweene She’s at the hair salon getting her hair done. I guess she forgot to add that 2 the blog. Tay’s grooming routine is next level 😂. Natural takes lots of maintenance.

March 13 2021

Chris should open a fine arts school for babies because he is an artist through and through.

March 13 2021

@TAY very true about traditional education. Masters degree but what have you truly mastered besides making people with less traditional education feel small? The degree feeds the ego. The mastery feeds the soul. The thing that I love about you is that you are a genius but you make other people smarter. I am smarter and stronger as a person because of TAYsearch.

March 13 2021

Actually the money is in education. Just not as a traditional teacher. But online school has made billions during the great reset. Educated innovation is where lots the money is. Traditional education failed because their a tons of lost dummies with degrees. People who look good on paper but have mastered nothing that will push the world forward. Education is nothing if not applied ya know.

March 13 2021

TAYsearch has grown so much and you’re still the same authentic, honest Tay that you were from day 1. How do you stay so true with so much growth? Many people would of abused their power but not you. How do you do it girlie? Like what is your thought process? You could easily misguide but you don’t and your engine is still growing. 🤯

March 13 2021

My ID is expired 😝 Thanks for reminding me. Before I forget; thank you Tay for the personal tutorial on how to apply your skincare. I was lost 😠

March 13 2021

@Raquel more like 90’s video game 😂

March 13 2021

Loro P for the win 😜

March 13 2021

Not the 80’s video game 🎮. Cute

March 13 2021

I got my TNY order today and I love everything. You have the best taste Tay Tay.

March 13 2021

I’m moving back to Manhattan next month and I need those lamps! ❤️❤️

March 13 2021

CB is a cutie ☺️

March 13 2021

Those lamps are beautiful 😻

March 13 2021

Why can I just imagine you walking around Central Park with your bougie b&o earbuds in listening to these songs haha. Such a cool 😎 girl.

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