Happy Selfcare Saturday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up?

Written By Taysha Smith - July 17 2021


July 18 2021

@Zoya Tay comes from a tech & finance family so she’s connected. She was built to do exactly what she is doing. You can’t copy her, she’s to far ahead and to connected. And let’s not forget fucking brilliant. Chanel and computational calculus is not a joke. 😂

July 18 2021

Positions is one of my favorite albums from Ariana Grande!

July 18 2021

I love how you just blog about whatever you like or love and it all just flows. 🦩

July 17 2021

You are such a cool girl 😻

July 17 2021

Wait wait. Expensive red comes in a matte formula? Can someone send me the link to buy it please 🤩

July 17 2021

When does the lip balm drop? I don’t want to miss it! I love your search engine. You are very unique and I’m here for it!

July 17 2021

Jealousy is such a strange emotion. People need to get a grip before they lose everything 😌

July 17 2021

@Raquel They want to be Tay Tay so bad but they can’t. Crazy thing is she really don’t care because she knows they don’t know anything about her business. These people have big egos and low IQ’s. . Tay is light years ahead. Everything she’s showing is old. Lol 😂

July 17 2021

Wow! Drake is really handsome. 😎

July 17 2021

@Lydia Tay has a warmth to her. A very genuine peaceful vibe to her. That level of kindness is something that can’t be replicated. And she’s always been this way. 😍.

July 17 2021

Your taste and style is unmatched 👌

July 17 2021

I tried the la Mer body cream and it was life changing 😍

July 17 2021


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