Happy Selfcare Saturday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. What chall doing? #searchintheciTAY

Written By Taysha Smith - September 04 2021


September 05 2021

I love your style Tay! 🥳

September 04 2021

@Morgan Thiel is openly gay and lives in New Zealand with his partner and their daughter. The man is brilliant in business because he’s honest with his heart. That honesty makes him invincible 🤩

September 04 2021

@Zena Tay is very sweet and funny in real life. It’s the loud laugh for me 😂

September 04 2021

Today I’m bbqing and listening to the new Drake album. 🥳

September 04 2021

@Iris If it’s cheap Tay don’t want it and she’s not supporting it. Cheapness = mindless greed and unsustainable in fashion. Buy less (if you have too) of the best is her stance. If you don’t like that, you can head on out, because that is just the way Tay is. People in fast fashion are not helping the misfortunate with their cheap chit. They are hurting them. If you don’t have tons of money you have to search deeper for deals. The quality and the deals are out there for sure. TAYsearch it! Do the work. You can designer thrift, rent, etc. You have chic sustainable options if you’re not wealthy. 😎

September 04 2021

Great interview but bad interviewer🙅🏽

September 04 2021

What a time to be alive 🧚🏾‍♂️

September 04 2021

I love this woman 😩

September 04 2021

That gum cigarette cracks me up every time lol 😂

September 04 2021

Drop the link to zero to one ☝️

September 04 2021

@Xeu Exactly! Tay does not want to be google she wants to be TAY. The first and only TAYsearch. She’s always said that she doesn’t compete, she complements. 💅

September 04 2021


September 04 2021

Chopard makes really pretty sunglasses. Who knew! 🤩

September 04 2021

Roof top? Or do you have a city terrace? 🥰

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