Happy Selfcare Saturday #Early

Written By Taysha Smith - April 30 2021


May 01 2021

@Norma She said she is leaving Instagram 100% like she left Facebook and Twitter as soon as TAYsearch TV is ready. 🥳🥳🥳

May 01 2021

Tay is the people’s princess. Saving the world in Prada. I adore you girlie. So rare. So balanced. TAYsearch is the shit btw. You should be proud of yourself.

May 01 2021

Street medicine 🤓 Noted

May 01 2021

Tay where do you get your Henna and your sugar waxing done? We don’t have any Indian beauty places in my town. I might have to take the train to Manhattan to get it done.

April 30 2021

I instantly feel better after searching on your search engine and shopping in your store. 😍😍

April 30 2021

I’d give anything to be as free and as unbothered as you are 😻. My anxiety rules my life. I have got to learn to take it moment by moment.

April 30 2021

La mer makes foundation for brown girls? Who knew 😍

April 30 2021

I’m visiting the plaza this fall to take their finishing program! You inspired me to build on my mindset and spirit in the fanciest way possible 😂

April 30 2021

I just ordered toilet paper and sheet masks from your store. 💕💕

Heather P
April 30 2021

You are such a princess Tay Tay lol 😆

April 30 2021

The fact that you live in a castle in Manhattan and have a butler is iconic. The added bonus is how normal you make it all seem. 😂😂😂. Congrats on TAYsearch TV. I really do love your search engine. I have not googled in months.

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