Happy Selfcare Saturday! I’m up! Ya’ll up? Stop gossiping and go get a facial and a new Chanel wallet! Byeee

Written By Taysha Smith - May 15 2021


May 15 2021

I love the red cast on that video. So artsy 💕

May 15 2021

@Yandra La Perla makes shape-wear now. Im buying a bodysuit to try it out. I will wait until Tay does a taysearch tv favorites video to see which other pieces are worth buying. 🩰🩰

May 15 2021

Happy Saturday Tay! Im shopping in your store today and I am definitely buying a really good olive oil today. It’s been on my list for weeks.

May 15 2021

That is a beautiful shade of pink. Almost salmon pink 😍. Both these women are stunning. Great post Tay Tay!

Norma J
May 15 2021

Laili is going through it haha. Hunger can do that to you when you’re fasting. I think it’s the loss of control haha. Octavia is so funny. I like her 🤩

May 15 2021

No I need Tom Ford and we don’t do replicas Octavia 😝. I know she’s not talking to me but it still burns my ears to hear anyone promote replicas. Thumbs up for her video. It’s nice hearing how other people think.

May 15 2021

I like my nails long and neutral 🤩

May 15 2021

Not how to look expensive haha 😂 So cute and I love her makeup.

May 15 2021

These girls look like they could be your daughters haha 😂

May 15 2021

Great post 😻

May 15 2021

One thing Tay gone do is uplift you. She don’t care about nothing but what matters most. Win win wins for us all not just her.

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