Happy Selfcare Saturday. Im up! Ya’ll up? #Fashion

Written By Taysha Smith - July 31 2021


August 01 2021

@Yandi Tay has mastered money. She clearly spends less than she’s worth. She has no real debt and she makes money from everything she enjoys, shopping included. Tay Tay is not a gilded slave. Our princess is free and living her life as she feels fit. She does what she wants to do not what she has to do. And that is what wealth is. I’m about 2 years away from financial freedom and I learned it all from watching Tay. Her discipline is unmatched.

July 31 2021

If living in the moment was a person 🤩 Tay your vibe is so addictive. Never stop!

July 31 2021

@Kathy Tay gives me more Aries or Scorpio vibes. I don’t really see Libra like you say. She’s very fiery and watery to me.

July 31 2021

Drake is so extra haha 😂

July 31 2021

Phoebe Philo really is a fashion legend.

July 31 2021

@Ebony At this point in her life and career Tay has no interest in working with celebrities. She see’s Aubrey not Drake. She doesn’t even follow celebrities. The thing about gossip is you mother fuckers project based on your loser limited lives. Tay is not your average chica. Take that back to the gossip hell you came from dusty lol. This is heaven over here. We don’t play those low-brow games.

July 31 2021

@Flora Leave In first then oil got it! Thank you 🙏

July 31 2021

@Shelly Tay say put the leave in conditioner first then put in the rose oil to seal the hair.

July 31 2021

@Lisa Can you imagine Tay as a mom? The looks. The giving what it’s supposed to give! The brainiac babies.

July 31 2021

@Jenes Tay is bougie but very humble because she’s used to having access to it all. She’s not attached to any of it. At this point she’s just twirling through life being grateful loving and creative. Typical Tay. I see why they are all obsessed and jealous lol🤩

July 31 2021

@Jenes Her style and impact are undeniable 😎. I see a lot of her in a lot of people. She really did birth this boss bitch shit on the internet single handed.

July 31 2021

@Yeah but Tay was 10 years old with the Chinese bang and 40 inch hair bone straight 1,000 plus hair. Do you know who her mother is? She’s always had access to the best. Her mom is known for staying Gucci down to the socks. Tay is just sweet but she been bad af. She was born up and that’s just facts. Anybody that says any different is a liar that doesn’t know her. Tay has felt with jealousy her whole life. Even niggas hated on her. How you gone hate on your own princess? People are weirdos and that’s why life is kicking their ass right now while Tay prospers. All they can do is watch and be mad because she cut all their asses out clean. And remember she has receipts of every dime she gave them to help them feed their families while they gave her nothing but their broke asses to kiss. This shit goes deep. Washed up people will do anything for a taste of the limelight. I don’t know why she even bothered helping such ungrateful people. Thank God they are long gone.

July 31 2021

I got my expensive lip balm and I love it 🌝

July 31 2021

@Tabetha Exactly. Tay does not move on anyone’s time but her own. You can’t bully her or slander her into doing anything. Peer pressure does not exist to her. She always does what her heart tells her to do. This is why she is so loved. 🥰 Ignoring negativity is easy for her. She only engaged when she feels like being a smart ass. Lol 😂

July 31 2021

Shorty rocking Balmain like they Levi’s . Lol . Tay Tay you have the best taste. It’s quiet but lethal.

July 31 2021

The bougie witty family lol 😂

July 31 2021

Is Aubrey eating chicken fingers and fries with a knife and 🍴 fork? 😂 Ya’ll are so bougie and I love it.

July 31 2021

It’s the golden curls for me. Adonis is such a handsome little guy. 🤩

July 31 2021

Adonis is stinking adorable 🥰

July 31 2021

Those rings are so delicate and pretty. I ordered mine last week. The tracking said they should arrive today 🤗

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