Happy Selfcare Saturday. Let's relax with Formulary 55

Written By Taysha Smith - February 20 2021


February 20 2021

Do the TAYSEARCH nails come in long almond shape?

February 20 2021

At first I thought that said 1million dollar pizza. 🤯. It said one meter 😂

February 20 2021

Wow Aubrey is so talented 🥳🎶

February 20 2021

I am watching all of then videos in your blog while curling my hair

February 20 2021

Musically Drake is light years ahead of the pack. He is bigger than hiphop. Now I see why you like him so much Tay Tay.

February 20 2021

Tay Tay you view the world from a rare set of eyes. People enjoy being miserable. Like you always say, let them be. When they are ready to grow they will meet you half way. Until then. Ignore. You help the truly helpless everyday. Stay focused on them and yourself. Don’t spread yourself 2 thin for these ungrateful miserable people.

February 20 2021

@Lisa yup. That’s why I said what I said. Fix your heart first. Love each other. Be there for each other because those are actions you control. Then work on reforming the government, which is an entity you do not control. But people get mad when you hold a mirror to their face. No one wants to heal from their bullshit. And this is why they suffer in a loop. There are people who literally cannot help themselves but most people can and CHOOSE to play victim. It takes a keen sense to know the difference between people playing victim and real victims.

February 20 2021

Tay I saw your instagram post and you are s right. The world is a reflection of people in it and that is why it’s fucked up for so many able bodied people. People don’t care about nobody or nothing unless it has something to do with them. Then they want to trama bond instead of fixing the real problem which is them.

February 20 2021

Scout and Ben are both vibesssss

February 20 2021

I can’t wait to try this brand Tay Tay 💕

February 20 2021

F 55 is one pf my favorite brands!

February 20 2021

It’s the sunnies inside for me 😂

February 20 2021

Great post as usual 🤍

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