Happy Selfcare Saturday.. Why I love DTC .. (Direct To Consumer)

Written By Taysha Smith - July 24 2021


July 29 2021

I just ordered my lip balm! I finally made it on a drop day.

July 29 2021

Wait the lip balm is live ya’ll !!!!!!! I just ordered 3 🤩

July 24 2021

@Kimble we watched her build her store, and her search engine etc from scratch. And it’s still growing and evolving. Tay is such an inspiration. She gives me perspective and hope.

July 24 2021

@Lisa I know right! She has access to everything but she still enjoys cleaning her personal spaces and doing her own laundry when time permits. Tay Tay is a whole vine 😎

July 24 2021

Tay your Manhattan apartment looks like a bougie hotel suite. You are literally goals. I love how your spices and refrigerator is organized 😻 And the fact that you have a butler is so cool haha

July 24 2021

@Simone Actually my mom loves Aubrey and she doesn’t like anybody in pop culture lol 😂. Drake playlist stays on rotation at her little cookouts 😘😇

July 24 2021

@Ivette If you listen Tay tells you exactly how to win. People are just slow and that’s not her issue. 😌

July 24 2021

I came in your store for $20 bug repellent and my checkout total was $1,194.23 lol 😆. Your store is actually beautiful. Everything connects to everything. I can’t wait to become an official TAYsearcher once my nails arrive. 😎

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