Happy Skincare Sunday beauTAYful TAYsearchers!

Written By Taysha Smith - June 13 2021


June 14 2021

I love your blog and store. It’s giving xoxo gossip girl vibes.

June 14 2021

@Norma Tay is the type of energy that makes other women feel powerful and beautiful, and she makes men feel powerful, peaceful, and loved. It’s her natural energy that does that without even trying. It’s just who she is, and people are jealous because they cant mimic it lol 😂

June 14 2021

@Santana Exactly! Tay is not going to down play her nerdy geekyness to make dummies feel better about themselves. She loves all parts of herself. Nerdy, fashionable, bougie, beautiful, down to earth and funny as shit hahaha. One of one. If you don’t like Tay it’s def you and your jealousy lol.

June 14 2021

I love jp’s you tube channel. She’s a vibe. That Chanel bag she just unboxed was beautiful.

June 13 2021

@Fernando Because of her search engine she is about to be one of the most powerful women in the world not just the beauty world. Beauty was just a stepping stone. TAYsearch is a whole other level 😎 Nobody does search like Tay does. Her mind is magical.

June 13 2021

@Shonda quiet as it’s kept Tay is one of the most powerful women in the beauty industry. From the labs to the packaging, to shelf placement. One co-sign from Tay gives a nod to the industry that your brand is worth supporting or worthy of future acquisition. This is why her namesake products are so expensive, it’s like a trophy for those in the know. And she does not want to compete with the people she uplifts. If she wanted to block your shit she could. Would she? No because she’s the kindest person ever. The beauty business is close knit, everyone knows everyone.

June 13 2021

@Lydia Tay styles herself. I love her style too.

June 13 2021

When does CLB drop? 🤩

June 13 2021

Your store and your search engine are both beautiful Tay Tay.

June 13 2021

@Victoria Tay said white nails and white toes go with everything 😂

June 13 2021

It’s the satin bow’s and denim fa me 😎

June 13 2021

They look like they are having a ball at the game. When can we order that face oil?

June 13 2021

Tay Tay you have the best style. It’s just effortless!

June 13 2021

Everything about this post gave me life 😻

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