Happy Skincare Sunday beauTAYful TAYsearchers

Written By Taysha Smith - March 21 2021


March 23 2021

One thing about Tay. She gone say and do whatever she wants. Lolol.

March 22 2021

@HeatherP Me too haha

March 22 2021

Quiet storm is not the word.

March 22 2021

Tay is back!!!!! TAYsearch TV gone be lit! I can’t wait 😜

March 22 2021

Tay Tay I love you 😂. Not check my resume. 😫. All broken hearted people want is your attention while they take from you. They are takers that play victim not givers. You are a real giver that’s why you attract so many takers. But you don’t play once you peep game and block a person energetically they are blocked forever. Nexxxxxxxxt.

March 21 2021

Every time I read your post I have an urge to say hello upper east siders in my gossip girl voice. Haha

Heather P
March 21 2021

My skincare queen 👸 Whatever you recommend I buy. I bought your skincare just to flex that I bought your skincare 😂

March 21 2021


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