Happy Skincare Sunday beauTAYful TAYsearchers

Written By Taysha Smith - May 16 2021


Norma J
May 17 2021

Tay you are a genius!

May 17 2021

I’m triggered. It felt like you were talking directly to my bitch ass lol. Tomorrow I’m back in the gym lol.

May 16 2021

Tay you are a smart girl. Almost tooooo smart. Shits scary 😫 but I love it. I love how private you are. Per your TAYemail you are officially done with Instagram, so that means TAYsearch TV is on the way!!! I can’t wait!

May 16 2021

I love how honest you are with your emotions. You don’t pretend that things are picture perfect.

Heather P
May 16 2021

People think they are slick but Tay see’s everything. Like she said, it’s a gift. 😂

May 16 2021

If Tay got it everybody wants it. That’s her energy.

May 16 2021

One thing about Tay she will cut a mufuka off and keep it pushing. I love that about her.

May 16 2021

Pretty post 🤩

May 16 2021

That closet style is a vibe 🕶🤍

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