Happy Skincare Sunday beauTAYful TAYsearchers!

Written By Taysha Smith - November 07 2021


November 08 2021

Give it up by Drake is a dope ass song. Booodeee do big they think you’re East African lol 😝

November 07 2021

@Shannon I’m team AubTAY and whoever don’t like it can kiss my ascot lol lol 😂 . I don’t think she’s talking about anything specific. I think she’s just talking about whatever pops into her head.

November 07 2021

Tay you’re the type to friend zone the person you’re married to haha. Friends and lovers is the only way marriage works but I’m sure you know that. 😘😇

November 07 2021

Tay you’re hilarious 😂

November 07 2021

It’s the free weights for me. 😍

November 07 2021

@Morgan No. She said TAYsearch TV will appear randomly. She didn’t give a release date. The suspense 😖

November 07 2021

@Vicki Nah these bootleg low brow ass for bags bitches are obsessed with Tay. She is everything they’re not and want to be but never will be. They are competing with themselves because Tay is paying them in dust. 😂 She doesn’t care about nothing but what she cares about.

November 07 2021

Tay which color Gucci eyebrow pencil do you use? I know it’s brown but what is the exact color?

November 07 2021

Are those Loro Piana free weights? OMG! Tay you are such a fucking vibe mama.

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