Happy Skincare Sunday beauTAYful TAYsearchers! #TAYstIcedCoffee

Written By Taysha Smith - August 08 2021


August 09 2021

@Alexis She lived in Cali years ago, she doesn’t like the state. California is just not for her. She said the vibe is off. But she’s been saying this for over a decade. Why live in California when you have Hawaii? That’s like choosing to live in Brooklyn over Manhattan. Who would do that 😂? Absolutely nobody with taste. 🤩

August 09 2021

@Diamond Honolulu is a city and so is Manhattan. Tay is not a suburban type at all. If she’s in a house it’s in a city. Her energy pairs well with city vibes. She might vacation in little random spots but she would never live anywhere but a city of some sort. That’s just who she is. Honolulu, Manhattan, Toronto all three are major cities.

August 08 2021

@Morgan I think TAY should do the voice over for the TAYsearch AI assistant. Like instead of a robot voice it should be Tay. She would nail it! Lol 😂

August 08 2021

@Sam Tay has a 7 octave range. We had voice together in college. Even her play play voice that she uses online is better than most people’s polished professional voices lol. Tay can sing circles around any of of current favorites. Her voice is very diverse, powerful and full. She just never showed any interest in being a singer.

August 08 2021

Tay Tay you are so well balanced and well rounded. I mean you’re lit af but not OD. The label lovers database is my favorite feature of TAYsearch. I use it about three or four times a day because of work. Thank you for being so sweet and allowing us to use it while it’s under construction.

August 08 2021

@Tabetha Tay Tay is one of one. Nobody can replicate her no matter how hard they try. The copycats always fail. She thinks it’s hilarious. 😂

August 08 2021

Another great post!!!

August 08 2021

I’m still working on finding my why in life.

August 08 2021

@Liz Tay is a city 🗽girl 100% She’s the type that shops daily for groceries depending on what she is making for dinner that night.

August 08 2021

I ordered one of each piece from the new jewelry drop. I love your jewelry department. 💕

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