Happy Skincare Sunday. I’m up! Ya’ll up?

Written By Taysha Smith - April 18 2021


April 19 2021

Tay is always uplifting the real bad bitches! Jacqueline is one of my hero’s. I’ve been following her rise for over 10 years.

April 19 2021

Hawaiian Tay Tay! I love your Hawaiian city girl vibes. Did you move back to Hawaii yet? Probably been moved back in secret knowing you 🎉🎉🎉🎂 Happy Birthday Tay!

April 18 2021

JH is that bitch for real for real.

April 18 2021

Happy Birthday Tay Tay 🎂🎉

April 18 2021

Is that a army fatigue Kelly bag? Super cute! JHill is a vibe.

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