It’s Skincare Sunday. Say no 2 the unchecked ego. #LoVeYourself

Written By Taysha Smith - October 31 2021


November 01 2021

Tay Tay why didn’t you tell us a new hair mask was dropping at TNY! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Norma J
October 31 2021

@Samantha Tay has very high self esteem this is why she lets people do them. But out her face though haha 😛 . She don’t let nobody play in her face. I love her quiet sweet strength.

October 31 2021

@Raquel Sad but true but what can ya do besides lead by example 🥰

October 31 2021

I also noticed that people with unchecked egos always need validation from others. That’s another gross trait. It’s like grow some balls and live your life.

October 31 2021

I’m triggered by this post because it’s true lol 😂

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