Happy TAYstudios Tuesday! #TAYsearchTV

Written By Taysha Smith - May 18 2021


May 19 2021

Tay is youthful but she’s very emotionally mature and this is another reason why she ‘s so successful.

May 19 2021

Life is not a game but Tay Tay is def winning. 🙃 And if anyone deserves it all it’s her.

May 19 2021

What color is the Birkin 25? 😍😍😍

May 19 2021

@Gweene Tay loves when people show who they truly are and what they really think of her. She’s knows that what they think is their thoughts not her truth. And she already knows what you think of her before you say a word. She just wants you to say it. 😁.

May 19 2021

@Bern Tay has always had high self esteem though. None of this is new. She just attracts people with low self esteem and helps them build their self esteem the healthy way. Tay Tay has always known her worth. It’s everyone else that needs to catch up. 🤗

May 19 2021

I loves me a humble princess with high self esteem. Tay you are a living legend.

May 19 2021

Those St Lewis glasses are divine

May 19 2021

Tay Tay always working on something or studying something. So nerdy but cute with her pretty self.

May 19 2021

It’s the consistency for me. 😻

May 19 2021

@Raquel Just click private on your comments when you login on the blog. If you do that people who are not logged in can’t see your comments. ♥️

May 19 2021

Will you post a video everyday on TAYsearch TV or just two or three times a week?

May 19 2021

TAYsearch TV about to be lit! I can’t wait 😛

May 18 2021

Drool 🤤

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