Happy TAYstudios Tuesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers!

Written By Taysha Smith - August 31 2021


September 01 2021

I can’t wait for the Nantucket and the Honolulu vlogs to start.You have the best taste in everything haha 🥰

August 31 2021

@Morgan I ordered the cleansing oil and I love it 😻

August 31 2021

@Diamond She doesn’t post ootd on her blog because people copy. I think she’s only going to do OOTD’s on her TAYsearch TV channel so when they copy we can link back to the video and call them out . 😂. Tay is a fucking genius. Everything is so subtle but right in your face.

August 31 2021

Mr Chows has some really good veggies.

August 31 2021

@Norma Tay has always had it though. She was born with it so she’s used to having. This is a concept that bums can’t wrap their heads around. 😂. People have been trying to get her to show her hand for years via slander, gossip and bullying. Tay Tay just laughs at them and keeps it moving. Her coolness and grounded nature are unmatched.

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