Happy TAYstudios Tuesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers! I can’t wait to show you darlingsss my new place! #Modern #OAT #Minimalist

Written By Taysha Smith - September 14 2021


September 15 2021

@Gweene Nobody is cooler than Tay. She does everything with style and grace but she’s wild 😜 and I’m here for it!

September 15 2021

Iman changed the beauty and cosmetics game. She is mutha of inclusiveness.

September 14 2021

Tay are you a water sign or fire? You give me both vibes that’s why I asked

September 14 2021

@Cynthia You have to order the sizing kit first then you pick your subscription.

September 14 2021

@Victoria The app is done. It comes out next year 🤗 I saw the preview and it’s pretty. Tay is living her best life as she should. We watched her build all of this from scratch. Round of applause is not the word. And she’s still so humble with not a care in the world lol.

September 14 2021

@Simone Exactly! People project. Tay is pretty much a Saint. She’s been working since she was 9 years old. My boo deserves everything she has and more. And she’s really good with her money.

September 14 2021

@Heather I ordered all three of the new flavors. I’m just waiting for my order to come in. 😍

September 14 2021

@Olivia It’s the idiots & their gossip for me. Lol. When people don’t get their way they throw tantrums and they slander. The real ki ki is that nothing sticks and they are not anonymous. Tay just lets them talk because they’re stupid, mean spirited, and desperate. She knows exactly who’s said what to who about what. And she wishes them well. People are disgusting and extremely disappointing. The same people that would kill to be in her space are the one’s spreading lies. Weirdo stalker shit.

September 14 2021

@Isis I would of wore Tom Ford 🤗

September 14 2021

Tom Ford in Tom Ford 😎

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