Happy TAYstudios Tuesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up? #freebritney

Written By Taysha Smith - June 29 2021


June 29 2021

Great post 😍

June 29 2021

@Carmen Tay thinks Aubrey is perfect. He’s her exact type. Body, face, nerdy, smart, sweet, funny. Her type. Perfect match. People just gossip because they are jealous. Can’t nobody get Tay to think anything she dont think or feel anything she don’t feel. She likes who she likes. It’s energy anyway. Tay thinks must people are lost and just mean spirited so that’s why she stays to her self doing her thing. Building her cute shit. That’s my boo. I love her. 😍

June 29 2021

Rih Rih and MJB would be a moment 🥳. Colt 45 and Newport’s kind of vibe but still a good time hahaha.

June 29 2021

Tay you are mutha, big sis, and wifey all in one. Keep doing your thing princess. Im 22 and you give me hope for the future. 🥰

June 29 2021

AmbHelena is so cute ❤️❤️

June 29 2021

@Pamela Let’s agree to disagree 😅

June 29 2021

Tay I have a request! Can you do a video on Method cleaning products for TAYsearch tv ? Or is that too cheap? 😩

June 29 2021

I love how you give your opinion without being mean spirited. It’s a breath of fresh air.

June 29 2021

@Danielle Tay is mutha. She supports, protects, guides and uplifts. She doesn’t make people feel bad but she will defend herself and put ya in your place if you breath near hers. Lol

June 29 2021

Scout lost me at the end with cheap Miami but we still love her 🙃

June 29 2021

I love how inclusive you are. You’re so good at bring all the tribes together. 😻

June 29 2021

That’s the exact Dior card case I wanted. 😩

June 29 2021

Tay you have the best taste and you so so right about Tony Braxton. Her voice is next level.

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