Happy TAYstudios Tuesday! It’s the simple (but still designer) things we forget!

Written By Taysha Smith - March 30 2021


March 31 2021

Tay is literally the best that ever did it and got away with it. I Fukien legend. Living legend. These girls could never. It’s the humble fa me. The original bad bitch the flesh. 😻😻😻😻

March 31 2021

@Christina That’s because the store is a reflection of Tay Tay. Bougie and relaxed 😂

March 31 2021

Tay is allergic to cheap. How in the hellz did you have Walmart as a sponsor? That had to be a struggle for you 😄

March 30 2021

This store is bougie but I feel so relaxed when I shop here.

March 30 2021

My order came today Tay! I love everything from Yamazaki home and soprano labs.

March 30 2021

I love the Pat McGrath concealer.

March 30 2021

Balmain undies for the win!

March 30 2021

I feel like I was happier when I made 5figures. This 6figure life is nice, but these people at my job get on my nerves. So fake and weird. 😫🤣. I can’t quit because I won’t be able to afford shopping at TNY if I do.

March 30 2021

Mornin Tay! I’m at work mad because I’m at work 😆

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