Happy Thirsty Thursday BeauTAYful TAYsearchers.

Written By Taysha Smith - June 17 2021


June 18 2021

@Amber If it doesn’t come from Tay’s mouth, it’s gossip. These comments included.

June 17 2021

@Jenes Most people only know low-brow because that’s what celebrity was all about in the 10’s but that’s changing in the 20’s. Celebs will be smarter and realer. Thank GOD for that much needed change.

June 17 2021

@Ebony Please don’t compare Tay to reality tv whores with low IQ’s Kim is a dummy and she’s lowbrow. Who fails the baby bar twice? An idiot that’s who. Kim is not in the same class as Tay. In her dreams she is but that’s about it. Tay is not insecure and she knows who she is. Kim is clearly insecure with her fake diaper booty and faux tan. Yuck 🤮

June 17 2021

@Misty Tay did swimsuits & lounge in 2006 . She might bring them back but with nanotechnology attached 🤓

June 17 2021

@Lisa Tay’s private office is right above Bergdorf’s and it’s secured like the Princess she is. My bitch is the people’s princess because she’s beautiful on the inside and outside. No drama and no trauma. People are jealous of her light and how genius, but Tay could careless 😂

Norma J
June 17 2021

@Jenes I think people forget that Tay lives in the three most expensive cities in the world. Manhattan, Honolulu, and Toronto. She’s not just living she’s thriving. If you’re not inspired you’re a hater point blank period. 😄

June 17 2021

Congrats Paula! 🚀

June 17 2021

Tay Tay I don’t have a lot of money yet because I’m still in school for aerospace engineering. But you make me feel like a million dollars. Thank you so much. You saved my life and you don’t even know it!!!! I just ordered the new eye masks and the watermelon scrub from beauty kitchen that TNY dropped. You guys drop new products everyday!!!

June 17 2021

Not the Valentino Rock Studs . A real throw back Thursday 😻

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